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The International Federation of Journalists is the world's largest organisation of journalists. The IFJ promotes international action ...Read More
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The Global Investigative Journalism Network is a group of independent journalism organizations that support the training and sharing of in...Read More
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The Society of Environmental Journalists is the only U.S.- based membership organization of working journalists dedicated to improvements ...Read More
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Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative repor...Read More
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IPI Global Journalist, the magazine of the International Press Institute defends, celebrates, reflects and explores the international medi...Read More
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Arquivo de colunas escritas por Jakob Nielsen, entre 2000 e 2001, sobre usabilidade . (em espanhol)Read More
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New York University's Center for War, Peace, and the News Media is a non-profit, non-partisan organization supporting journalists and ...Read More
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The purpose of the International Media and Democracy Project is to serve as an online research database featuring articles and research ma...Read More
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The Readership Initiative was launched in October 1999 because of a strong but unproven belief among newspaper leaders that the decline in...Read More
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O CMI Brasil ? uma rede de produtores independentes de m?dia que busca oferecer ao p?blico informa??o alternativa e cr?tica de qualidade q...Read More
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CyberJournalist.net focuses on how the Internet, media convergence and new technologies are changing journalism. The site offers tips, new...Read More